Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jun 25, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, as a complement to the academic programs of the University, offers a variety of educational services, developmental programs, and student activities designed to enrich the student’s university life. These activities are under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Students and others who desire more information about the services available or who need assistance are encouraged to contact the appropriate offices listed below:

Student Activities

Art, Drama, and Music

The Departments of Art, Music, and Theatre Arts sponsor a wide variety of activities, including plays, recitals and exhibitions of art by students and faculty as well as occasional traveling exhibits.

The Department of Music offers students numerous opportunities to perform. Whether music majors or non-music majors, students participate in a wide range of music performance activities for university credit. Vocal ensembles include the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Opera Workshop. The bands include the Marching Band, Basketball Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and a variety of small woodwind, brass, and percussion ensembles.

The Department of Theatre Arts stages major productions each semester and one-act plays during the spring. The Department of Music presents an opera each year as well.

All students are eligible to audition for major theater productions and musical performance groups.

The Department of Art hosts an annual UWG student art exhibition every spring semester, which is open to all university students to submit art works. Additionally, the department hosts many art exhibitions, productions and lectures from visiting artist in one of the three art galleries in the Humanities Building, while Art student’s exhibitions are presented in Gallery 2 and the VAB Gallery throughout the academic year.


West Georgia has a phenomenal debate program. In 2010, for the 38th consecutive year, a West Georgia team qualified for the National Debate Tournament. West Georgia’s consecutive year-streak of qualifying for the NDT is the fifth longest in the history, surpassed only by Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Kansas and the University of Southern California.

In the past six years alone, UWG Debate has been national runner up and finished top 5 in the nation three other times.

Student Media

Student publications include two campus-wide publications: The West Georgian, an award-winning weekly campus newspaper, and The Eclectic, a literary magazine published each spring semester. Each of these publications has a student editor and student staff.

The WOLF Internet Radio is staffed by students and provides entertainment and information for the campus and surrounding area as well as valuable instruction and experience for students in the mass communications field. Students interested in television production create programs at WUTV that air over the local cable channel.


Awards and Honors

West Georgia encourages and rewards excellence among its students. Qualified students are invited to join approximately 20 honor societies, some representing specific academic disciplines and others representing groups of a general nature. These honor organizations, many of which have national affiliations, are listed in the Student Organizations section.

Annually, each of the 26 institutions in the University System of Georgia is asked to select one student as its representative for Academic Recognition Day honors awarded by the Board of Regents and the Georgia Legislature. The student chosen must be representative of outstanding scholastic achievement on his or her campus, have a GPA of 4.0 or very close to it, be an undergraduate, and be a resident of Georgia. Nominations are made to the President of the University by the Honors College Dean, who reviews the academic and University service record of the nominees in consultation with the Honors College Committee.

Held annually in the spring, the Academic Honors Convocation is devoted to the recognition of superior academic achievement by students. This occasion is marked by a procession of student honorees accompanied by faculty in academic regalia, the presentation of individual and special awards, and an appropriate program. In addition, during the winter there is a special Academic Awards Ceremony for Minority Students.

One of the most prestigious student awards is named for the late Professor of Education and Dean of Students at West Georgia, Dr. John J. Pershing. It is presented annually by the West Georgia Chapter of the American Association of University Professors to the senior who has earned the highest academic average over a four-year period. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi also presents annual Awards of Excellence to the outstanding student in the undergraduate colleges at West Georgia. These students are selected on the basis of scholarship, character, citizenship, service to the University, and potential for leadership.

Students who excel in other ways are acknowledged through the Campus Activities and Awards Program, which is held each spring to honor students who have made outstanding leadership contributions in the areas of student life and extra- and co-curricular activities. Similarly, an annual Athletic Awards Banquet commemorates outstanding achievements among student athletes. Various individual departments sponsor occasions to recognize excellence and reward outstanding contributions by students.