Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
    May 19, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Art, Art Painting, B.F.A.

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BFA in Art: Painting

Total: 126 Hours

Reserved studio space will be available both during the day and evening in order that students have access to a minimum of three clock hours per credit hour of class per week.

Application to the BFA in Art and the BA in Art History Degrees

Students seeking the BFA in Art (Art Education, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture) or the BA in Art History must submit an application / portfolio for a faculty review. For most applicants this review takes place in the second semester of the sophomore year, or during the semester following the completion of ART 3301 , ART 3601  or ART 3602 , ART 3802 , ART 3801 , and ART 3901 . All transfer students that have completed 45 or more credit hours must complete one semester in residence before they are eligible to submit an application to BA Art History or any BFA degree program. The BFA and the BA in Art History application / portfolio evaluations focus on an applicant’s potential for success within a particular program or professional field. Applicants are expected to show skills and knowledge applied to artistic, design or scholarly problems. Applicant’s work should demonstrate their ability, originality, and commitment, which altogether exhibit the applicant’s potential to function as a professional artist, designer or scholar. All applicants are observed by faculty during the semesters prior to the BFA/BA Art History application on their ability to conduct themselves as future professional artists/designers and scholars. It is imperative for an applicant’s application and review to meet or exceed departmental standards to be successful in the BFA/BA in Art History application process. (See Department of Art website at http://www.westga.edu/art for full application description, requirements and dates).

Internships for BFA in Art

Internships are available at local businesses and industries. Internships must be educationally relevant to one’s area of study and must be approved by both the area advisor and the chair of the department.

Junior Portfolio Review

During the second semester of the junior year and with permission of student’s Art advisor, all BA and BFA candidates must enroll and successfully complete ART 4078 , while maintaining good standing. (See department website for specific requirements for ART 4078 ). The department will review juniors based on their portfolio, writings, and transcript progress. The faculty will assess the candidate’s progress, skill base and knowledge gained. Successful candidates will be allowed to enroll into ART 4998  and ART 4999  Senior Capstone Experience sequence. Unsuccessful candidates can repeat ART 4078  up to two additional times. If a candidate receives an unsuccessful review on their third attempt, their degree status will be moved to the BA (Studio) or be subject for removal from the art program. (Be mindful of the minor and foreign language requirements FORL 2001, FORL 2002). ART 4078  must be taken during a semester where the student is enrolled in 12 credit hours.

Capstone Sequence for BA & BFA in Art

After successfully completing ART 4078  and at the start of a candidate’s final two semesters, BA and BFA in Art candidates will need to enroll in ART 4998 - Senior Capstone Experience I  and ART 4999 - Senior Capstone Experience II . (ART 4998  is the prerequisite for ART 4999  and these courses cannot be taken simultaneously).

Candidates should discuss their approach and goals for the Senior Capstone with their advisor and formulate their Capstone Committee. Candidates will need to start developing a plan to assist in making the Capstone sequence a success.

Candidates should prepare a preliminary schedule of courses they wish to take prior to meeting with their advisors.

During the advising appointment, the advisor and student should continue discussing the program requirements and review the student’s course selection. Any other individual or special concerns should also be discussed. (See department website http://www.westga.edu/art or Art Office for complete information).

GPA and Grade Requirements for all Art Majors

Art students are required to maintain a 2.5 overall GPA and a 3.0 Art GPA. A grade of C or better will fulfill Art requirements. No Art major may receive a D or lower in an Art course and have it fulfill the course requirement in any Art degree program.

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