Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
    May 20, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Music Minor

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All new and transfer students planning to minor in music must audition for the music faculty on the principal performing instrument or voice and be evaluated for admission to the Music-Minor program. A scholarship audition may serve as a student’s admission audition.

Music minors must be advised by a music faculty advisor and must sign the program-notification form.


Principal-Applied Area: Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion: 4 Hours

Principal-Applied Area: Voice: 4 Hours

Principal-Applied Area: Keyboard, String, or Guitar: 4 Hours

Total: 18 Hours

  1. Music minors enroll in MUSC 1000 - Comprehensive Music Laboratory  until they have completed 2 semesters of satisfactory attendance. Transfer students may transfer equivalent Comprehensive Music Laboratory credit earned at other institutions, if approved by the Department Chair. Students attend formal musical performances and participate in studio and ensemble laboratories at least one hour per week as specified by the Music Program. Music Majors and Minors are required to enroll for a grade of S or U.
  2. Any course in the Music-Theory course sequence can be taken for credit by examination. Credit by examination must be validated by the course’s faculty and processed through the Music Office and the Office of the Registrar. Successful completion of the preceding course in the Music-Theory and Aural-Skills course sequences is the prerequisite for the subsequent course.
  3. Orientation to Technology is included in the first five weeks of MUSC 1401 - Aural Skills I .
  4. Enroll in 2600 Principal Applied  (the principal performing instrument or voice) each term offered until a minimum of 2 credit hours has been earned. Students are expected to practice a minimum of one hour daily for each credit hour of enrollment in Principal Applied and perform for and be evaluated by a principal-applied jury at the end of each semester. Admission to MUSC 4600  requires passing a “level-change” performance jury examination after completion of 4 semesters of MUSC 2600 . All credits earned in Principal Applied  must be on a single instrument or in voice only.
  5. Students pursuing the Music Minor must enroll in the specified ensemble(s) associated with the principal-applied area.

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