Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
    May 20, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

English, B.A. (Secondary Education Track)

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For all tracks, English majors must earn a C or better in all English courses required for the major. This includes ENGL 1101 , ENGL 1102 , ENGL 2001 ENGL 2110 , ENGL 2120 , ENGL 2130 , ENGL 2180  and ENGL 2190  as well as all upper-level ENGL courses that count toward the major.

For all tracks, English majors can take no more than 2 upper-level ENGL courses toward the major (6 credit hours) before completing the required 2000-level courses for the major (ENGL 2001 ENGL 2110 , ENGL 3000 , and two of the following: ENGL 2120 , ENGL 2130 ENGL 2180 ENGL 2190 ). 

The English Education track is one of two tracks that the Bachelor’s student majoring in English may declare. The coursework in this program provides students with the opportunity to obtain a B.A. in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. At the end of this course of study, students are not only prepared to be knowledgeable practitioners of their content area-English and Language Arts-but may apply for and receive Secondary Education Certification as a result of knowledge gained in the classroom and from 900 hours of in-the-field training. Course objectives and activities relate to the descriptors of the Conceptual Framework in substantive ways.

Admission to the College of Education Teacher Education Program (TEP) is required before taking any upper-level Education courses. Pre-requisites for TEP include: 1) completion of core curriculum areas A-E; 2) overall minimum GPA of 2.7; 3) demonstrated writing proficiency or completion of ENGL 1101  with a grade of C or better; 4) demonstrated oral communication proficiency or completion of COMM 1110  with a grade of C or better; 5) satisfactory completion of the Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment (Test 360); and 6) completion of any other departmental requirements. See English advisor for admission to TEP once pre-requisites have been met and for selection of core and major area courses.


Core Areas A, B, C, D, & E: 42 Hours


* ENGL 1101  and ENGL 1102  are prerequisites for all courses from ENGL 2110  through ENGL 4386  except ENGL 2060 .

Core Area F: 18 Hours

Required Courses: 6 Hours

Choose two courses from the following: 6 Hours

Foreign Language Requirement: 6 Hours

Complete 2001 in a language other than English (FREN/GRMN/SPAN or the equivalent in another language); AND complete FREN/GRMN/SPAN 2002 (or the equivalent in another language) OR FORL 2100, 2200, 2300, or an approved 2000-level FORL course.

Requirements for the Major (Upper-Division Courses): 30 Hours

A. Methods: 3 Hours

B. Literary History: 12 Hours *

Four (4) courses, one from each of the following areas:

C. English Education Requirements: 9 Hours

D. Electives: 3 Hours *

One course selected from ENGL 3000- or 4000- level courses.

* No more than one (1) variable-credit, independent study may be counted toward the major. Students cannot count ENGL 4386  (Internship) toward the major. Students may take two sections of the same course as long as the topic of the sections is different. For example, ENGL 4106 - Studies in Genre: Poetry and ENGL 4106 - Studies in Genre: Film.

E. Senior Seminar:3 Hours *

  • 3 Credit Hours
  • No course may be substituted for the Senior Seminar.

    * Prerequisites: 2000-level ENGL courses in Area F, ENGL 3000, and 18 additional hours of upper-level ENGL courses with a C or higher

G. General Electives: 5 credit hours

Total: 120 Hours

** Admission to Teacher Education Program required before enrolling in these courses.

See admission requirements in the College of Education .

**** A grade of C or better is required in courses in these sections.


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