Graduate Catalog 2024-2025 
    Jul 18, 2024  
Graduate Catalog 2024-2025

Correspondence Directory

For information, please address inquiries as indicated below:

Graduate Studies/Admissions Director of Admissions - 678-839-1394
Alumni Executive Director of Alumni Services - 678-839-4107
Business Matters and Expenses Vice President for Business and Finance - 678-839-6410
Academic Programs Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs - 678-839-6445
General Information 678-839-5000
Housing and Residence Life Director of Residence Life - 678-839-6426
*Scholarship and Student Aid Director of Financial Aid - 678-839-6421
Technology Services Information Technology Services 678-839-6587
Transcripts and Academic Records Registrar - 678-839-6438

*Individuals, organizations, or business firms desiring to contribute funds for scholarships and other purposes are invited to contact the University of West Georgia Foundation, Inc. Telephone 678-839-6582.