Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
    May 19, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Geosciences

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Callaway 148 • 678-839-6479

with Programs in Geology, Earth Science and Geography


D. Bush, R. Kath, J. Seong

Associate Professors:

C. Berg, B. Deline, G. DeWeese, H. Gerhardt, J. Hong, J. Mayer (Chair), S. Rose, (Assistant Dean), K. Tefend, A. Walter

Assistant Professor:

M. Buzon


C. Nye

The Department of Geosciences offers programs of study focusing on planet earth, our natural and built environments, and how societies interact with and alter the biophysical world. We are a welcoming, student-centered department with challenging programs of study that span a wide range of subject matter and techniques. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning and take students out of the classroom into the field whenever possible.

Geology is the study of the earth, including the origin and history of the planet and its life forms. On a practical level geologists explore for natural resources, help society understand and mitigate natural hazards and guide environmental stewardship.

Geography is the study of the interactions between people and places, local and global processes, and social and biophysical systems. It is an integrative discipline in which scholars endeavor to understand the role of humans in producing the social and biophysical worlds in which they live. Geographic knowledge can be applied to explain cultural and political conflicts, environmental policies and practices, human landscapes, and economic well-being. Modern geographical analysis typically involves cartographic and geospatial techniques (GIS) and both qualitative and quantitative methods.

A range of degree plans are offered in the Department of Geosciences. The B.S. Degree in Geology is designed for students planning professional careers as geologists either with or without a graduate degree. The B.S. Degree in Earth Science prepares and certifies students for teaching careers. Four degree options are available under the B.S. Degree in Geography: Human Geography emphasizes on urban, political, economic, cultural, and social processes; Physical Geography concentrates on biological and geomorphological systems and atmospheric (weather and climate) processes; Environmental Sustainability focuses on the interactions between society and natural systems; and GIS concerns geospatial technologies and spatial analysis.

Geoscience graduates are well-prepared for immediate employment in the private sector; for employment in government service at the local, state or federal level; for teaching careers; or for continued study in graduate school.

Global Studies

Calloway 101 • 678-839-4070


Andy Walter

Mission Statement

The educational mission of the Global Studies program is to promote an understanding of global awareness. The focus is to enable students to examine and explain global issues in an analytical framework which emphasizes the role of individuals in local communities and their relationship to the global society. Students will develop an understanding of and appreciation for their roles and responsibilities as citizens of the global community. The program offers one degree, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). This degree is appropriate for students who wish to join the global marketplace with careers in government, political organizations, journalism, private businesses, advocacy groups or non-governmental organizations. Likewise, it is appropriate for students planning on attending graduate or law school.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate that they have developed

  • An understanding of the interconnectedness of local and global events
  • An understanding of the individual’s role in local and global events
  • An understanding of the basic theories and concepts of the sub-fields of global studies
  • An understanding of the relationship between the basic theories and concepts of the sub-fields of global studies
  • The ability to apply social science and scientific methods to practical problems within the discipline
  • The ability to communicate their knowledge orally and in writing



    Bachelor of ArtBachelor of ScienceCertificateMinor

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